Thursday, 6 December 2012

WOO HOO 5000 views :') My present to our fans!

ELLO! Julie here! I think this post will have a lot of views cause i'm going to post some.... wait for it.....color changeable bodies! These few are a big hit!So many people ask for them, and tbh I either say no, or I dont respond /: Im lazy I know! So now I'll just give them to you! This is my little thank you for 5000 views! Ame and I are truly greatful! I'd like to say I did not make these bodies. I have no Idea how to make things color changeable. But Ame does, if you're nice maybe I'll convince her to make a body color changeable ;)

AND this was my first color changeable body I uploaded! & one of the best!

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