Sunday, 30 September 2012

New collection?

Well I was kinda bored of doing the varsity dress for the sportsy theme so I started editing some bodies I saw potential in, Idk if I should finsih them :0 Do you like them? Please comment! Or Pm me in graal! Thanks :*

                                     -Julie :D


Random post..maybe a collection??

This is a random head.... maybe ill start a collection with this?? this is a ray frappe head and i edited it a tad bit :) like the bow? :0

Sportsy heads!

Here are some sportsy heads! :D FINALLY IKR! XD (If you want different colors just ask!)
Terms of use: -I did not make this head, I only edited it!
                       -If someone asks where you got it please say "Julie" or "" 
                       -When uploading press "Set Transparency"
                                                                     -Julie xoxo


Requestttt ;)

oke so here is is, this is for uh.. Katie (Shagdelic) i think?? :) hope yu like ittt!
-Ame :) x

Saturday, 29 September 2012


Make that 300 views! Thanks again! Btw soon I'll post some heads and bodies for the sporty collection! So just wait a llittle longer guys!

                                      -Julie xoxo

200+ VIEWS

I'd like to say thank you for over 200 views already! When did we start the website Ame? Not long ago! Thanks guys :* You're amazing!



IM NOT AS FORGIVING AS AME! I beg you guys D: Don't take that body, It took me so long and all of my work to waste! Please that body was ment for me and Ame not every girl in Graal /:! So please dont upload that body! Also so far only 1 email about the contest, come on guys! Maybe there will be a small prize! AND sorry that I havent posted any heads or bodies yet, I'm just not sure what kind of heads to do for sportsy any ideas? Thanks <3 Bye guys


;-; sad to say but...

me and julie cannot believe this, so i was on graal this morning,and a girl pms me: just t tell you i diddnt steal your bunny slipper dress body i found it on graaldepot. and me and julie are pizzed because we worked super hard on that body, and GRAALDEPOT stole the template and edited it very slightly. so please! if you haoppen to upload it off of graaldepot (which i hop u wont) please dont give graaldepot any credit or any credit to yourself. plz tell them that we made it! thanks very appreciated
-Ame :) x

Friday, 28 September 2012

Dress with Bunny Slippers!

Hey  guys as you saw Ame posted the body I edited :3 (Isn't it pretty ;D) Haha well I'm sorry to say but if you request a body like a dress and you want bunny slippers I'm sorry but I can't do it for you. It would be to much like my idea and also it took me a while to get it done D: So sorry <3 But dont forget to request and give me new ideas!

                                               -Julie c;

Thursday, 27 September 2012


this is a body julie edited, and i indexed it!! its the first ever body that i have secessfully indexed!! sadly we wont be giving it to anybody.. just wanted to share it with you thats all :)
-Ame :) x
Hello guys! As you know I'm making a sportsy theme and decided to make a body so thats what I'm working on! Here is a preview c: What do you think? Comment ^_^
 I might fix a few things :3 Btw once I post the body when I'm finished, If you'd like a different letter or color just ask!
-Julie :D

Pretty Bow Collection

Terms Of Use:
-You can edit or recolor if u want, i dint mind, but please give me a bit of credit :) id be happy ;D!
-Do NOT Take credit for my work!!
           -Ame x :)

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


I just wanted to show you guys what I was working on for Jellie and I :3 Matching heads are cute! Haha what do you think? c:
-Julie c:

Collectoin Opening c;

Pretty Bows, here it is girliesss ;)
                  -Ame x :)

HAI :D New Collection Eh?

Hello guys, it's Julie (: I decided to make a new collection....Drum roll XD... Sportsy! For all you  sporty girls ^-^ Maybe later I'll show a little sneak peek ;3 OH YEAH! START EMAILING  FOR THE CONTEST! I cant wait to see all of them (: Thanks <3

                                                    -Julie xoxo

A Little Competion??? ;0

Hmmmm well me and Julie BOTH want to do the banner so we couldnt decide who would end up doing it... SOOO we decided to let YOU do OUR banner ;D!! this is a FRIENDLY competion.
-The Banner Must Consist Of The Following Words: Ame & Julies GFX Website (or Julie & Ames)
-At the very bottom of the banner, provide your name, not in HUGE font but just so that you can claim you sexy art work ;)
-your banner must be more detailed the the example one i have posted below xD! not exactly sure what size the banner is supposed to be e.e.. so just take the example banner provoded below and recolor it all from scratch :))
-last and most important of all: have FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!! :D

<-- this is an EXAMPLE!
-Ame x :)

Hey Hey Hey! ;3

Hey guys :D this is our new you can probz tell xD so yeaaaaa... i have so many sites.. but im sticking to this one now! you may know me from Amegfx, Sexyzebragfx, and orangecarrots :)
                             -Ame x
HELLO! :D I'd like to present mine and Ames new gfx site :D Here Ame and I, will post different heads and bodies ^-^ We will update the site as often as possible, but some days we might not get to it cause of school! 3: We will do our best though! c: Before we start GFX. I'd like to say a few things >_>

1. Insults about our work or about us will be ignored
2. We make all of our GFX/Major edits
3. Dont take credit for OUR work! We work long and hard on our heads and bodies >:0

For now thats it 0_0 OH YEAAAAH Okay, Ame and I dont want our gfx being stolen so we will put either "Julie" or "Ame" (Depending on who made it) on the head/body when you die. We ask that you do not remove the logo because it isnt that noticable! Before I go and start making some amazing Gfx ;D I'd like to say at the moment we are taking requests :3 So just comment or contact on Graal. Thanks guys <3 c: Bye for now ^-^