Sunday, 2 December 2012

Julie is back c: +Christmas stuff!

Hello guys... Guess who???? It's me Julie! As you all know soon it will be Christmas, so I decided to edit some bodies and heads. I'm honestly so sorry, I hope this kinda makes things better.. But honestly I think you guys will have a wonderful suprise on Christmas :D I can't tell you what it is, but my hint is: Something I've made... Most of you have seen it ON me... Haha (: Good luck!

I edited these :D I hope you like them! Red, green and white! Christmas is so close :')
I actually love the head -.- I wanted it for myself! But eh here you go :$
Terms of use:
 -I DID NOT MAKE THESE. I EDITED THEM! I do not take credit for Making them.
 -If you upload these dresses/head give me credit! Honestly I spent a long time working on these -_-
 -I don't want my time going to waste. Thanks
 -If you dont like my work, dont use it. I don't need pms saying "SO UGLY" Or other rude comments. But so far I only got 2 comments like that so I really dont care (: It's not like your rude comments bother me you'll just be ignored!
 - You may edit these but if you could say you got it off this website I would be so happy :D

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