Sunday, 28 October 2012

braid girl

Let me know if you want this in different colors c:
this is an eedited head off of Nerdy and Abbys site. dont claim as you own please.
-Ame x :))

boy body :3!!

Yay :))) finally, something for guys! please do not claim as your own, you may recolor or edit if you like, i dont mind
sadly i wasnt able to make this color changeable.. for some reason it wasnt working?? oh well :// im starting a boy head collection i think ;o haha :)
-Ame x :)
i didnt steal this from charmheart, it just says her site on the bottom cuz we edited this body off of a body on her site

Friday, 26 October 2012

Nerdy Heads 8D



Hii! See all those heads ^-^ Those are all for you, they are from my old website from my Nerdy Collection and I thought maybe you guys would want them xP There may be more heads soon because Im sorting through all the templates -3- Which is taking forever! But whatever! Enjoy these heads I edited! :D
-JULIE -3- 



Thursday, 25 October 2012

Awesome News!

Hi c: It's Julie and Im so happy (: I was searching around on Graal depot and I go to the Halloween Special and the one Halloween head I posted is there ^-^ Im happy its worthy of being on there. Usually I would mind and be raging but that head was for anyone! So I dont care :3 AND OMG OMG OMG 2000 VIEWS! Thanks so much not that long ago we just got 1000! Ame and I are so flattered ;D 
                                       -Julie (: 

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Hey guys! Julie here, I'd just like to say dont forget to upload our awesome Halloween heads! You may see Ame and I in our costumes  already! Thank you so much for all the pms! Honestly every like 1-2 minutes I get a pm about my costume/look! Im sorry to say idk if I will be giving the mummy body away :s I think this halloween it will be just for Ame and I but who knows! Maybe there will be a suprise on Halloween! Who knows ;) Also please dont copy my ideas. Thanks! Bye!

                        -JULIE :*

Sunday, 21 October 2012

OMG GUYS IM SOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY! Its Julie and I am back! I'll try posting as often as possible. We have over1000 views. Holy crap are you kidding me? Thank you so much! Im sorry I left for a while I had to deal with some personal things in my life. But I'll try starting to get back to GFX!

                                    -Julie xoxoxoxoxo


1 693 VIEWS. might not sound a lot to you but it means SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO much to me and Julie!! thank you guys SOOOOOOOOOO much!! we greatly appreciate it. knowing how many ppl love our work, i think we will start doing more posts, :'))
-Ame xxxx :)


Eh i wasnt really feeling this one, its similar to the head i have now lol and i just didnt really want it so i decided to give it to you guys, maybe ill start posting my heads that i refund????
also i think me and julie are going to get matching heads c;
-Ame x :)
sorry for the lack of posts D: im trying to get back on track<3

Saturday, 13 October 2012


This is really cute, idk if ill finish it tho :// haha if you really want this tell me.. otherwise, i probably wont finish it.. :$ sorry theres been no posts, Julie hasnt quit but shes not on as often 3: -moment of silence and crying- xD ill miss her but its okay, im going to try and make lots of posts c: graal gets boring Dx
-Ame x :s

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Cocopuff :3

what do u think???
-Ame :)

Banner Contest!

As Ame mentioned we will soon be choosing the winners for the Banner Contest! But dont hesitate to send any last minute banners! I'm reallying looking forward for one the POPS! Haha thanks guys (:

                                                         -Julie (:


i think me and Julie are going to choose the winners of the banner contest pretty soon! so be sure to check back for updates to see the winner
-Ame x :)

Request :3

Hello guys :3 This was a request, This girl asked me to make a head that looks like this girl ( I think she is from an anime) It was my first time trying to make a head of someone so its not the best, like just my opinion the hair is kinda off, but she likes it so It's all good :D If you would like to reuqest a look-alike just pm me!

-Julie :*


i showed some of u the devil head and ppl.. really like it :D they said they fell in love with it c: i think ill continue it eventually, ill probably add more details or chnage the hair color and sruff haha :)
-Ame x :)

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Done already? YUSSS!

Here you go guys the heads are done :D I'll try finishing the body soon (:
                        I still took my time to edit them, dont take credit!

                        When uploading Do not press "Set Transparancy"
                                                                     -Julie MWAHAHA!


As you saw Ame posted some Graaloween heads, I also was making some so here is a preview :3 I actually quite like the Mummy body so I'm not 100% sure if I'm giving it to everyone :o

Pretty Mummy

Cute Killer

Graal-o-ween collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IKR???!!! FINALLY AME! >:O  i think they are AALLLL so sdorable :3 i edited the mummy head for myself Mwahahaha im soon getting it, my faves are the green zombie and the mummy c: lots of you said you were gonna upload one :,D awee guyss<3 haha xD okay and you see that huge fat head derr?? the devil head?? i might add it to the halloween me in game if you want me to coninue it :) OKAY IM BLABBING TOO MUCH XD BAII<3
-Ame x :)
Terms of use:
°you can recolor or edit if you like
°dont claim as your own i work hard on these!

Friday, 5 October 2012


OHHEMMGEEE im super duper excited topresent to you my Halloween Collection!! im probably freaking out more than you guys... xD but idk i just find these heads EXTREMALLY cute! i might even make my own for me! heres a preview of them :) you can pm me in game an suggest some other spooky monsters ;)
-Ame :) xxx!
First One: Cute Mummy :3, Seconed One: Zombie Green!, Third One: Zombie w/ Normal Skin, Fourth One: Vampire :3
Oh and guys dont be afraid to pm me to get male versions of these heads!! :)

Random post :)

we have lots of views and im just so glad you guys are checking our site for updates and ppl are pming me in game telling me how well we are doing and asking if Julie could continue the sportsy bodies :)! so heres a random head and btw im working on lots of halloween heads >:D -Ame :) x

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Hello guys D: I'm so sorry but lately I've been busy with school and my own life /: Graal is getting kind of boring and things are happening in my life, sorry I havent posted, but I think I may post a few Halloween bodies and heads for Graaloween >:] Hopefully I'll post again soon!

                                                            -Julie c: