Saturday, 29 December 2012

Friday, 28 December 2012

Portrait for ali c:

This is a requested portrait of ali (Nosh) I really like the hat but i messed up on hair color >_> I hope you like it!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Different?! ;o

Hey guyss c: I was kinda bored so I tried to make me but differently XD I know it's not as good as Chai's or Lattes but hey it was my first try.. Well its me ofc XD I actually am starting to get the hang of it! If you have an requests just PM me in Graal or comment c: Thanks!


That BIG surprise!

Well a long time ago I said I was gonna give you guys a big present from Ame and I... This is the body I edited and Ame indexed... the one and only.... Bunny slippers dress! So many people would beg for it I wasnt ready to give it out.... But now Ame and I barley use it. So.. Merry Christmas :) BUT there are a few agreements. DO NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR THIS! I will be so dissapointed and will never do these kind of things for you guys again! So please, I made this body. Ame indexed. Thank you! Merry Christmas

Saturday, 22 December 2012

yaay c:

heres the edit from julies head that she posted from old heads she used, people were really begging for this xd i think it looks adorable, all i did was put hair on the other side and change the face, i'll do recolors soon hopefully, cuz im leaving today to go on vacation with family for the holidays :)
-ame xooxoxox

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

here it is! recolors coming soon.

please do not take credit or claim as your own!

i. love. this. so. much. omg. i want it for myself *~* but im getting one already xD i find this cuuuteteeeeeee and ill make sure my dad dont wipe the pc... xd and ill do recolors of it ;o

News :) please read

hey guys, i started a new guild with my sis, 'The Bellas' and its a family\modeling guild, she has dorms and everyting in her gh and i own the guild, shes the co-lead and im the lead, we only have around 6 beds, so theres a limited amount of members to join ATM, once we get more money adn we decide to spen it on gh, we'll make more dorms for more members and ill be creating a school or hangout\dorms for more models to join ^.^ so you must wear tag 24\7 or u will lose your naem as a Bella Model and your bed will be givin to anithr loyal member. if you're interested in joining, please pm me or my sister, just type in 'Mishy', you'll find her!

tysm for almost 7k views<33

-Amethyst :D

Sunday, 16 December 2012

huge square glaassessss

remember on graal when nerds and kitties were in style?? lmao :,) why did they go out of style >:O
so i brought em back bayyybayyyy

amethyst ehehheheheheheheheh

Saturday, 15 December 2012

bad news... and some partly good news :0

bad news is, all the posts you see like "coming soon", i can't finsih them Dx my dad did an update on the pc and it wiped out all of the files... so they got deleted, im so sorreh D;

partly good news is, i can still do the one of julies head because its an easy edit c:

sooo sorry i havent been posting, i had 3 fricking tests this weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek D:< stupid math, history and Science -3-

anyways, i love you bunches<3 we would be no where withiut your support~
this is.. starting to get gonna go >_>

-Amethyst ;D xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxxo MWAHHHH >;0 Mee-owww

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Coming sooooon

this is julies old head that has hair on one side i just added hair on the other side and changed the face :OOO its coming soon, i havnt been posting lately cuz i had a History project due on Friday and the boy head that a previewd is coming soon for all da boys who wanted it !
lots of love, Amethyst xxx

Friday, 7 December 2012

Lucy (: +Edit

Hello it's Julie! Yesterday I met an amazing person! The one and only Lucy! Lucy and her friend have a GFX website as well here it is! Seriously check it out -___- Its amazing I think Lucy and I will be good friends (: On her site I found this beautiful head, I decided to edit it a bit :D If you like it tell me to finish it!
Click it to see better view!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

WOO HOO 5000 views :') My present to our fans!

ELLO! Julie here! I think this post will have a lot of views cause i'm going to post some.... wait for it.....color changeable bodies! These few are a big hit!So many people ask for them, and tbh I either say no, or I dont respond /: Im lazy I know! So now I'll just give them to you! This is my little thank you for 5000 views! Ame and I are truly greatful! I'd like to say I did not make these bodies. I have no Idea how to make things color changeable. But Ame does, if you're nice maybe I'll convince her to make a body color changeable ;)

AND this was my first color changeable body I uploaded! & one of the best!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Awh Short Cutie Head!

Hey guys c: It's Julie, I injured my back today, so tomorrow I get to stay home! Which hopefully means more GFX! I was editing some heads and I thought that "Short Cutie" Would be a good idea, I came up with this head.. (I also added a mistle toe for the Christmas theme) I hope you like it!

Terms of Use:
-Give me credit, as you can see this head was a major edit. (I got it off Mimi's site)
-If someone asks you about it, just say "Julie" or give this web address.
-If there are any transparency problems pm in graal, I'm more likely to reply.
-If you want recolors just pm me or comment. Thanks

Monday, 3 December 2012

Awh We're Flattered!

Awh Ame and I are flattered (: We'd like to give thanks to "F. Shuu (Fukushuu)") and "Clause ( The Best Frenchies)") They was very kind and helped our advertising! So thanks (: We love our fans :D <333 Let me leave you with our new logo! Like it? c:


*in the making*
this is a leah head im editing and recoloring, i might change a few things

Wintery head xD

blue is like my signature color when it comes to a highlight in a head :O if youve seen all my heads that have a highlight, i usually choose blue ;o uve never had a head like this where its all blue tho, so wehni recolored it i was like D: i wanna keep etttt but i just got a head and im getting another :x so being the nice person i am c; i decided to give it to youuu
this head is kinda like an icy color it looks rlly cute o;
~you know what they are >;O
~if there are any problems when uploading this head or any of my heads, let me know, id be glad to fix it (:
-Amethyst xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxo

just a quick edit + a christmas headd

the lasy one here is a head i wanted but i didnt get so yea to upoad tht one i think youll need to click set transparecny cux of the red bg o; and the other two i edited from mimi's gfx..i think o.o anyho, enjoyyyyy ;D
~dont claim as your own
~give me credit for the edits and recolors plz!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Awh Cute Matching Boy and Girl Heads

These 2 heads were meant for me and a special someone.... Never even got to upload it for us..... :'/ No need for them  anymore... Take them for you and that special someone, Im taking requests if you guys want any different ones.

Heads Julie doesn't use anymore D:

I saw Ame did this a while ago, and so I said "Eh why not?" This is kinda making me happy but sad cause some of these heads were so old and it shows me how my Gfx has changed :')

This is one of my first heads, kinda where I started editing and stuff :3


Now that I look at it, wasn't my best, but still pretty & tough
This is my first edit with ears, definatly one of my faves!
This one kind of shows in the eyes how I'm different and this one looks more mature(My latest head I refunded)

Julie is back c: +Christmas stuff!

Hello guys... Guess who???? It's me Julie! As you all know soon it will be Christmas, so I decided to edit some bodies and heads. I'm honestly so sorry, I hope this kinda makes things better.. But honestly I think you guys will have a wonderful suprise on Christmas :D I can't tell you what it is, but my hint is: Something I've made... Most of you have seen it ON me... Haha (: Good luck!

I edited these :D I hope you like them! Red, green and white! Christmas is so close :')
I actually love the head -.- I wanted it for myself! But eh here you go :$
Terms of use:
 -I DID NOT MAKE THESE. I EDITED THEM! I do not take credit for Making them.
 -If you upload these dresses/head give me credit! Honestly I spent a long time working on these -_-
 -I don't want my time going to waste. Thanks
 -If you dont like my work, dont use it. I don't need pms saying "SO UGLY" Or other rude comments. But so far I only got 2 comments like that so I really dont care (: It's not like your rude comments bother me you'll just be ignored!
 - You may edit these but if you could say you got it off this website I would be so happy :D

Saturday, 1 December 2012

seriously? -.-

im really upset and pizzzzzzed right now...
so i was browsing some gfx sites for some insparation, as usual, and i came across something that really bothers me... i havent really had an issue with this type of thing b4 but some ppl just dont get it. a girl took credit for a mooshoo head that i edited adn recolored n stuff, you can see the head in "heads ame dont use no more" its the blue kitty eared head with blue bangs and also the pale purple version that i edited and recolored for my sis. i wont tell you guys who took credit cuz thats not me, i asked to girl to give credit but she hasnt responded yet, but if she rfuese to give credit ill probably quit the site and post who she is to warn all of u. ik, a bit dramatic, but i wont deal with this.
-Amethyst~ :\
~im rlly sick u-u
~grounded >_> grr...
~school but its the weekend so maybe i can sqeeze a fewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww