Tuesday, 18 December 2012

News :) please read

hey guys, i started a new guild with my sis, 'The Bellas' and its a family\modeling guild, she has dorms and everyting in her gh and i own the guild, shes the co-lead and im the lead, we only have around 6 beds, so theres a limited amount of members to join ATM, once we get more money adn we decide to spen it on gh, we'll make more dorms for more members and ill be creating a school or hangout\dorms for more models to join ^.^ so you must wear tag 24\7 or u will lose your naem as a Bella Model and your bed will be givin to anithr loyal member. if you're interested in joining, please pm me or my sister, just type in 'Mishy', you'll find her!

tysm for almost 7k views<33

-Amethyst :D

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