Monday, 28 January 2013

PLEASE READ!+12k Views &Scratch Head

Guys I can't believe we have 12,000 views... 0_0 Holy crap. I'd like to thank you all so much! I remember when Ame and I were just starting Gfx and we  made this... Tbh my esitmate was at the most like 300 views... But omg! We have so many fans and I'm just happy you guys love our work! So here I made this head from SCRATCH! YOU HEAR ME? Haha, my first scratch head. Comment or pm me in graal :D I take tips, but I ignore people being rude. So here it is!

Terms of Use:
- I ACTUALLY MADE THIS! It's not an edit.
- Dont take credit for my work (Julie)
-When your character dies my name will be on the dead head. No one will see it so please leave it.
- Dont like me work? Either give me a tip how to get better or just dont say anything if its rude.

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