Friday, 11 January 2013


Hello everyone, I have some bad news. Julie here and I made a brand new head from SCRATCH! My 1st one ever.... I finished it and everything so I go to the website and I'm like "OMG THEY'RE GOING TO LOVE THIS" So I finish typing and I'm like "YES Time to post the head :*" I go to upload pictures and BAM! The problem: Normally it says "Upload from files" That button is no longer there... so yeah... I can only post non sense. No heads. No bodies. No codes. No hats. No portriats I think you get the point.... The only thing I can think of it that soon I'll be getting a new laptop, I can check if it works on there or I can ask Ame if it's the same for her. Until then, I hope it works and please be pacient D:


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