Wednesday, 26 September 2012

HELLO! :D I'd like to present mine and Ames new gfx site :D Here Ame and I, will post different heads and bodies ^-^ We will update the site as often as possible, but some days we might not get to it cause of school! 3: We will do our best though! c: Before we start GFX. I'd like to say a few things >_>

1. Insults about our work or about us will be ignored
2. We make all of our GFX/Major edits
3. Dont take credit for OUR work! We work long and hard on our heads and bodies >:0

For now thats it 0_0 OH YEAAAAH Okay, Ame and I dont want our gfx being stolen so we will put either "Julie" or "Ame" (Depending on who made it) on the head/body when you die. We ask that you do not remove the logo because it isnt that noticable! Before I go and start making some amazing Gfx ;D I'd like to say at the moment we are taking requests :3 So just comment or contact on Graal. Thanks guys <3 c: Bye for now ^-^


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