Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A Little Competion??? ;0

Hmmmm well me and Julie BOTH want to do the banner so we couldnt decide who would end up doing it... SOOO we decided to let YOU do OUR banner ;D!! this is a FRIENDLY competion.
-The Banner Must Consist Of The Following Words: Ame & Julies GFX Website (or Julie & Ames)
-At the very bottom of the banner, provide your name, not in HUGE font but just so that you can claim you sexy art work ;)
-your banner must be more detailed the the example one i have posted below xD! not exactly sure what size the banner is supposed to be e.e.. so just take the example banner provoded below and recolor it all from scratch :))
-last and most important of all: have FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!! :D

<-- this is an EXAMPLE!
-Ame x :)

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