Sunday, 25 November 2012

4k Views :D

Er Merh Gerdeh! 4K views ?!? Eeep! this is amazingggg, too bad Julie hasnt really been active u-u thats fine tho ;o im not leavin :3 so yeaaaaaa
heres a body that a wonderful girl made for me c: her name is Bri, shes on WaterfallsGfx but sadly there site was hacked ;-; i dont really use it anymore...its a girl, witha cast, she dited this wonderfully and i indexed it which means: YES ITS COLOR CHANGEABLE!! :D
Enjoy c:
-you may edit or recolor if u like, to edit al u have to do is go to gimp.image.mode than chnage it from indexed to the one thats up on the top :o
-dont take credit ! ":( Bri worked hard on this! she had to redo it TWICE!!! and i indexed it >:O
\prepare to get lots of pm from Graalians because its very smexy ;3
-Amethyst xoxo

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